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Soorty Enterprise

In Pakistan, Soorty Enterprise tends to be the largest vertically-integrated denim company with around 27,000 employees. It has a strong international presence and exports its products to global brands.

Soorty Enterprise has taken two initiatives to induct more women and people with disabilities in its workforce. Soorty Enhancing Women’s Service (SEWS) launched a street theatre campaign. It is an initiative that was created for the benefit of women and society. It aims to facilitate their empowerment and liberation in choosing to work or study. The initiative aims to not only encourage women, but to sensitize the whole society to the issue that women have a right to choose.. When Soorty Enterprises – Pvt. Ltd. opened the curtain on its first performance, the response was overwhelming. An amazing combination of the idea, script and actors, it is an unmitigated hit in the Korangi area of Karachi and an increasing flow of female workers at the company is testament to its success. Soorty Enterprise has also come into a partnership with local NGOs to impart skills training and recruit people with hearing and speech impairments.

Address: Plot No: 26, Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi